Saturday, August 1, 2009

Constitutional Court of Portugal banned gay marriages

Constitutional Court of Portugal supported the earlier ban on same-sex marriages of people on Friday, as opposed to ruling socialist party that advocates the legalization of the campaign before the parliamentary elections.

The statement from the Constitutional Court states that the complaint is considered Teresa Pirez and Helene Pajšao the earlier court decision that they are not allowed to marry, said Reuters.

Court decisions, which in Lisbon notes that it is not adopted unanimously, followed by only two days after Prime Minister José Sōkratēs and SP presented his electoral program for the 27th parliamentary elections September in Portugal, in which the right to give people the same sex to marry.

Portugal is in Europe one of the strongest strongholds Catholic Church, which is decisively opposed to the legalization of Gay and lesbian marriages.

Reuters reminds us that the contact members of same-sex marriage has allowed neighboring Spain, and Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Canada and some of the federal state in the United States.

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