Saturday, August 1, 2009

Germany third in world exports of weapons, the first in the EU

In the last five years has increased the export of weapons to even 70 per cent, which experts attributed to the German participation in NATO peacekeeping operations

Germany sold weapons in all parts of the world. Those who follow the changes under the place the most important market players are not weapons in the last fifteen years are probably surprised by the fact that Germany last year was the third exporter of weapons in the world, ahead of Great Britain and France. No issues are still the United States, participating with almost half the total military exports of 1.5 billion dollars, which is recorded in 2008. year.

German arms exports rose to 20 percent even in the period between 2005 and 2006. year, in the past five years for large 70 per cent. In 2007. Berlin is even exported weapons in 126 countries, and in two thirds of the total number of countries in the world. The main customers are Germany, Turkey and South Africa, and the main export products are tanks "Leopard 2", as well as the submarine. Minor arms is not one of the main items on the list izvoznoj Germany.

Experts from the German strategic organization said that "Germany the largest exporter of military equipment in EU countries, and at the global level it is only the United States and Russia."

Indications that the seven clients have included Berlin in the military conflicts in the future to the number of countries could be increased, which is a way for Germany to make a new leap in the list of world's most successful exporter of weapons.

One of the great historical paradox is that Germany has been working closely with Israel. Former German chancellor Gerhard Šreder in 2005. Tel Aviv year sold two submarine class "dolphin", by the nominal price. The submarine is equipped with excellent and serves as a platform for carrying armed missiles with nuclear warhead. It is interesting that the sale was agreed and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Joško Fischer, a leader of the party Zelenih pacifistic.

Previously, during 1990. Germany Tel Aviv export three dolphins, which is the most expensive armed platform that is located in Israel, or superopremljenom, military arsenal.

These purchases, experts agree the world, Israel is undoubtedly offensive to the message Iran, the country which it considers "the biggest risk by their survival." In early July, Israel has sent a "dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal, which can not be otherwise understood as the quiet rattling weapons.

Hakon Igal, head of European branch spoljnopolitičkog Department of the Army of Israel, says that "after 40 years of special relations between the two countries, Israel and Germany have become able to improve military cooperation in almost every area."

When the word about the Asian countries, Germany last December decided to equipment and Lebanon with 50 "leopard", which is part of a wider German plan to pospeši ability to Lebanon to monitor the border with Syria.

German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung was two years ago in Japan, where they met with Japanese counterpart Fumio Kjumom. Then it is reported that "Germany has reason to believe that the agreement difficult few billion dollars with Japan, in connection with the arms, will be concluded" and that "Japanese military officials to visit Germany in pursuit of military equipment, especially combat aircraft type Eurofajter , and submarines and helicopters. "

During 2006-2007. The German military has strengthened links with Singapore, which is currently a small number of military troops to participate in the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Three years ago the two countries have entered into agreement according to which Germany should be to provide 66 "leopard 2A4, which is a" significant improvement for the ability armory country (Singapore), and Germany has offered 30 additional tanks. Sprošle year Singapore has purchased 110 tanks from Germany.

Berlin in 2005. Indonesia offered a submarine, and the official government report is that "Germany offered the sale of submarines to strengthen our military equipment." Berlin together with Pakistan, which is 2008. sold three submarine.

In Europe, four years before Germany Greece sold 333 "leopard." Athens from time to time in the unfavorable relations with Turkey, which last year was seen in the confrontation air forces the two countries over the Aegean Sea. Germany has used this situation and after three months and sold to Turkey 298 tanks type "Leopard 2A4. V Two years ago, Germany has offered Greece to rent tanks type Marder, which, otherwise, used in current operations in Afghanistan. The same, 2007. years, Poland has revealed a plan to send 10 "leopard" in Afghanistan, and Canada to hire 20 tanks of this type from Germany and 100 from the Netherlands.

Germany has not remained passive even when there is a market musk weapons. In the newspaper article "Chilean arms policy concerned neighboring country," wrote that Germany plans to submit Chile 100 "Leopard 2 tanks. This country is already the tanks hold 60 types of "AMX-30", purchased from France, and 150 "M-41" which is dobavila of the United States. Foreign analysts write that these moves to Chile to establish hegemoniju in South America over the main competitors - Bolivia, Argentina and Peru.

Not even a year passed since the illegally proclaimed independence of Kosovo, and Germany is a market driven logic, which was the first country in February this year Pristina offered military equipment in the form of 204 military vehicles.

In addition, Berlin is among the largest suppliers of South African arms, another nation that pretenduje to play the most important role in the continent.

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