Saturday, August 1, 2009

Madonna sings "international"?

American pop star Madonna could this week, 2 August, the concert in St. Petersburg otpevati and the song that never had been in the repertoire - "International".

Request to make your appearance mark this revolutionary march and sent her a group of Communists from the city, places of birth of all revolutions. "

In an open letter they predočili Madonna to court on the large square in front of the famous winter castle, where she will compete, was the key arena of conflict at the beginning of the revolution Lenin Oktobarske 1917. and requested that otpeva at least one song in honor of those who are given life for a revolution. "

"You must be aware of the responsibility that carries the song on this site, sent a large group of the star, known by a specific address public figures from various fields of activity.

Media spekulišu to the Madonna, most opt for the "international", but it is possible to choose another song about the socialist revolution and the struggles of working class, would not be disappointed as their "red fans.

In short letter communists and Madonna gave a few tips related to its performance, which in Russia, the government interest.

"It is desirable to be trained modest, to pevaš musically and have in mind the moral principles", they specify, and to poželevši "gives" with several Russian melodies.

Although most bizarre, the message of this communist groups, media often transferred.

A few months ago several times criticized the Russian football team Andreja Aršavina for graduation in English, and "stamped" and the Ukrainian actress Olgu Kirilenko, the latest Bondovu girl in the popular series of films. Because of the role of the on the side of "the enemy the Soviet people," the engagement is called "moral and intellectual izdajem.

From Madoninog Staff, now, there is no answer to the question that you will fulfill the wishes of communist listeners.

Madonna has been performed in Russia, in Moscow in 2006, but the host is not gained any suggestions with regard to their repertoire.

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