Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Beery summit" in the white house

The citizens of Washington and throughout America ispijaju refreshing beverages for easier submission of the summer heat, and pregrejanost at the highest level is, last night, rashlađivana - beer. The rosary presidential residence, served, in order Barak Obama, as a means of encouraging the achievement of "peace agreement" that would zagasila suddenly hot - racial suspicion.

The event was very interested in the broad domestic and international public, characterized as "pivski summit. Obama rejected that label, but the fact that it is a meeting of top state importance.

For small round white table the four together, predveče yesterday, discussed the incident that threatened to podrije historical importance of the election that the first time in front the White House brought black and forebode conversion of America to postrasno society. Obama, Vice President Joseph Bajden, black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gejts and white police sergeant Joseph Krouli from masačusetskog Cambridge, discuss the 40 minutes on how to go from such trouble, come from a fairly normal order of things.

It all started 16th July when the kembridžka citizen Lusi Velen phone the police reported that "suspicious person trying to enter the adjacent house." Krouli sergeant came on the place and there found professors Gejts, which is presented as an owner (which is) the home. There was a squabble, after that, due to "nedoličnog treatment" Professor arrested (and released shortly).

Of human rights activists are now characterized the case as "a new racial incident in a series of arrests of black olakih. President of the procedure of police officers as "dopey" and you uvalio in the "sauce". Arguing that their colleagues acted by the rules of service, the police union asked the sheriff to the state We apologize for the "statement of facts beyond", with different pages are čule remarks that the President has shown "bias" in favor of his race and personal friend.

Obama acknowledged that the term is used inappropriately, and two players called "misunderstandings" to join with him - it would be said - "pivce for nerves." Saying "in wine is truth," was the catchword in the competitor in the beer is peace ", which chronicler said that pulling roots from the ancient times.

Journalists were only allowed to record the participants' pivskog Summit ", by which the separation was 15 meters lawns, but not to hear what the talk. Potonjih statement from the main actors, the fact that no one has apologized to the professor and a police officer "agreed not to agree" on the event, but they are promised will continue to talk to each other. This last statement was what the White House priželjkivala - to show how the dialogue, who recommended Obama and foreign policy, an effective method of conciliation posvađanih.

President of staff believe that the quiet sinoćni meet racial passions and the temptations that Obama delivered the ga ometalo in forcing the plan, it is currently the most important for health care reform. And the plan is the ratings drop ...

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