Saturday, August 1, 2009

Slaughter of innocents

GENEVA - The number of civilians who have died this year in the bombing rebels in air raids of international forces in Afghanistan increased by 24 percent compared to 2008, stated yesterday the United Nations.
The report for the first half of 2009. UN mission in Afghanistan is stated that talibani and other extremists antivladini become dangerous, izvodeći large number of samoubilačkih and attack from ambush, by ways of setting a bomb and do atentate.
World Organization has warned that more civilians could lose their life in fighting insurgents and Americans. I believe that the rebels are trying to destabilize the country before presidential elections provincijskih and 20th August.
According to the World organization, talibani and other extremists grouped around the populated areas, "to deliberately delete the distinction between combatants and civilians", as it is added, "provoked a military response in the areas in which it is likely that a large number of civilians may die or be hurt. "
The UN report states that the international forces, together with the Afghan army killed 310 civilians. Of which 200 civilians Killed in 40 air strikes.

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