Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Abortion pill" and in Italy

In spite of sharp opposition Vatican, the Italian health authorities approved the use of the drug that causes the interruption of pregnancy. Pill advocates claim that it is a less painful method of abortion, while critics warn that this will enable women to take the pilulu.

Italian Medicines Agency has approved the use of the drug Mifepristona, which causes the interruption of pregnancy, despite strong lobbying Catholic Church and center-right government. Pill was developed in France 20 years ago, is approved in the United States and most European countries, including Serbia, while in Portugal and Ireland prohibited.

Medicine is available only in hospitals and to the seventh week of pregnancy.

As the greatest benefit from the use of pills gynecologist Francesco Batalja expire psychological effect, because Mifepriston replaced surgical intervention and is less traumatic for patients.

Roman Catholic church, a strong opponent of contraception and abortion, threatened to exclude from the church community doctors who are prepisivali pills for abortion and female patients that they use. And some medical experts are against its implementation.

"Abortion pill is not an ideal solution. Abortus may take two to three days, with contractions and bleeding. Sometimes it is necessary and additional surgical intervention," warned the president of the Association Đorlandino Claudio natal medicine.

Since 1978. in Italy legalized abortion in health care in the first 90 days of pregnancy if the mother's life is endangered or it is determined that there are anomalies in the fetus.

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