Saturday, August 1, 2009

A man who has become the new American nightmare

Mula Abdul Gani Baradar, the right hand mules Omar, a few years to replace the Official talibanskog leaders who stepped in ilegalu after the Americans raspisala him wanted 10 million dollars. Some experts, for the events in Afghanistan, many consider him dangerous from the first man talibana

Soon after the 4000 U.S. Marines overwhelmed the river valley of Helmand in Afghanistan, mullah Abdul Gani Baradar called the main talibanske regional leaders to gather at the emergency meeting. Gathering was held in the south-western Pakistan, near the Afghan border, but in safe distance from the American soldiers. Baradar said talibanskim komadantima to want only one thing, and it is talibanske to keep losses to a minimum, while the larger cause, which damage the enemy. He is commanded not to try to keep the territory in direct combat with the armed and powerful Americans of the need to rely on guerrilla warfare, when possible. Place "flowers", which are improvised explosive devices, on the train rails and earth roads, Focus on the session with a small number of people, armed automatic weapons and bazukama said Baradar. He specifically warned his commanders that they will be considered personally responsible for every death of a man. "Keep your weapon on your back and be on their engines. America has a huge military force, but we have a stronger faith and commitment," bodrio them Baradar.

For Mulu Baradara has rarely who ccuo. The only talibanski leader whom most people in the world knows the mullah Muhammad Omar, one-eyed village priest who bears the title Commander of the faithful great, when the ruled Afghanistan at the end of the nineties. Omar was a very valuable target, and it was the Americans wanted raspisala worth 10 million dollars. But it is not a video at least three years, and even najlojalniji his followers, and only in extremely rare cases, issue orders directly. In its place came a man against whom the Americans fight in Afghanistan. This is a man who is ultimately responsible for the increase of the victims and the most responsible, which is the month was July najsmrtonosniji for coalition forces since the beginning of the war in 2001. year. This is the mullah Abdul Gani Baradar, capable and a little known person, which many claim to be dangerous than the mullah Omar ever was.

Many former and current members of pobunjenih talibana in Afghanistan Baradara described as someone who did not like in a withdrawn as Omar. They say that Baradar sets and alternate talibanske commanders and the governor, announced their top military advice and more in the central vldajućim Cathy, a city in the south-western Pakistan in the most high talibanskih head. He also issued in your name the most important group of political statements. It is key that controls talibansku cashew, that is, hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from saving drugs, shakedown, billing road and charitable donations, mainly from the Persian Gulf. "He commands all the military, politics, religion and finance," says Mila Shah Vali Akund, deputy captain talibanske guerrilla units in the province of Helmand, which met in March of this Baradarom Cathy by the fourth time.

"Baradar gradually becomes brilijantan commander. He is capable, harizmatičan, and knows the country and people better than we are. It can be a dangerous opponent," says Professor Thomas Johnson, an expert adviser for Afghanistan and the coalition forces.

None of the talibanima, and especially Baradar, not to say that he took the place mules Omar. Quite the opposite Baradar describes himself as a lojalnog lieutenant who executed his orders odsutnog head. "We work according to instructions Omarovim," he said in an interview that was recently given by imejla magazine "Njuzvik. It is not detected and when he received the instructions, and said only that "permanent contacts are not without risk due to the current situation."

But, while reluctant to criticize the fighters talibanski Omar in any way, they clearly put to the knowledge that his deputy has a lot of modern and efficient style of command. Baradar is consistent opisivan as much open, savetodavniji, okrenutiji agreement and much strpljiviji of Omar. Talibanski operatives say that he is less change of thinking and to show more desire to hear different views, but to act on rumor, emotion, or only on ideology. "Baradar not issue orders without understanding and research of the problem. It is patient and listens to you until the end. He is not angry and lost nerves," says one of the commanders in the province Zambul who met with him in March of this year.

This opens another question: if the Americans and the Afghan government of President Hamid Karzaija may finally be able to make the agreement with Baradarom. His influence among the rebels, but Omar and mules, is unassailable, and while he did not mind so closed as many other leaders in talibanski Cathy. Maulvi Arsala Rahman, former talibanski minister who now lives in Kabul remembers that in 2004. The Baradar approved to form a delegation that will talibanska approach Karzaiju with the peace offer, and even pay their travel costs for Kabul. The attempt failed, but earlier this year two other high talibanska operatives were sent separate peace offer Kajumu Karzaiju, elder brother avganistanskog president, allegedly with the approval Baradarovim claim three high talibanska sources. They say that the speed of the Unfinished initiatives. But Karzai older when journalists recently asked him to prokomentariše the story, is not denied such contacts, but said that it was "a very delicate time now and is currently a lot of things going on." Public, Baradar, which belongs to the tribe Paštun as well as Karzai, the podsmevao peace efforts, and called them an attempt to division rebels. But it may just simply shows his feeling that the rebels have momentum.

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