Saturday, August 1, 2009

Americans are accurate and organized

High School Students Sombor Dejan Dodik and Sanja Basta stayed in America less than a year in the project "A smile." Before departure none is expected too, that would not be disappointed, only hopes that they will be with the family that will accept live, as well as society.

But hopes are Exceeded. So they have, for example, families who were led everywhere - in New York, Washington, Chicago, Colorado ... As regards communication, were not izrazitih problems, even though the first two-three weeks because of privikavanja be difficult, but everyone had to understand and help them resolve difficulties.

Minor secondary school

Agree that the secondary school in the United States much easier than our, but they seem to have faculties harder. Schools provide diverse opportunities to achieve something, especially in the sport, but, however, classes are much lower than our.

- Many are directed to one, and most learn about what is connected to America and do not have the level of knowledge, as we have. Vanškolskih have many activities and clubs that really work and which is involved in various actions and goes on trips - said Sanja.

She was a member of Environmental Club, the club who is responsible for the events in the school, sang in the Hor, worked in the public kitchen ... On the other hand, Sanja was involved in various volunteering activities, and played football and volleyball.

Great experience

Time them, they say, was not any problem and always have harmonized all obligations, and to remain free time. Weekends are usually going to go, as with his family and with school and friends.

It is difficult to separate them what they most enjoy.

- I most enjoyed the music and singing lessons with Choir. I like their way of life because they are very accurate and organized - Dejan says.

Experience that these girls became huge in America and hoping that they will be in a better use. They have many plans that will soon attempt to realize. Agree that they stay in the United States a lot of help, primarily as the extended horizons and gain more confidence.

Sent to others or to any offer should not wait, but they look and fight for them, because each creates its good and all can be elections for what they want if enough believe in themselves.

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