Saturday, August 1, 2009

Revival of tradition "iron cross"

The first medals in the history of the period the military Bundesvera courage "aesthetic and institutional" overwhelmingly resemble the diskreditovanu medal from nacističkih time

If in any order at least a little politics, the obvious need to share the political decision to be the first time in the history of Bundesvera, uruče expressed military medals for courage. The symbolic and practical terms.

When it comes to simbolici, which in this case and the most controversial, order that the kancelarkom Angela Merkel recently okačila the breasts four soldiers "aesthetic and institutional" ( "Frankfurter rudnšau) overwhelmingly resemble the" iron cross ", which is a medal for profusely use at the time of the Nazis diskreditovano.

In fact, in discrediting and omraženosti symbol of terror and crime, and was the main reason that, until so far, and preconcerted razložno, odustajalo one praising military prowess.

Aesthetic, the new order is reminiscent of famozni "iron cross" - that is, or, as a special recognition of military released the first time in Pruskoj 1813 - with the difference that this band is gold-colored national flag. Institutions, and this will be, as formerly, granted for a single period the courage, regardless of military service, position and rank. Bundesveru, namely, not until now, not manjkala recognition, but they are mostly dodeljivana for merit and by the end of a certain number of years of service in uniform.

The militarization of German foreign policy and strengthening the military factors in the group - Bundesvera soldiers are only the last fifteen years, went in the world today and spill across the planet, from Congo through Kosovo to Afghanistan - have created new challenges and challenges for the German Army. Conservative kancelarkom was agreed that, at the insistence of his closest associates, especially Minister of Defense Franz Josef Jung, "accept reality" and make a special honor soldiers who izlažući, in a variety of missions outside the country, "life risk" show požrtvovanje and great courage .

Minister Jung them, usually odajući mail slain - recently arrived in Afghanistan three pall, which is the number of dead German soldiers in the country gone to the thirty-five - indicates the "true heroes and patriots."

Moment that he was elected to the soldier's chest okače first medal in the history of Bundesvera, and the first after more than half a century, expressed the courage - four were awarded the courage demonstrated last October in Afghanistan, helping their wounded friends samoubilačkog after one attack in which the killed two members of Bundesvera - was obviously politically motivated, two-thirds of Germans is explicitly against military engagement abroad, searching for their withdrawal, and the government is not haje voice for the public. Defense Minister Jung stressed, citing as his predecessor Peter the social field, that "Germany, and the security of its citizens (of terror and terrorists), defended in Afghanistan, in what few who truly poverovao ..

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