Saturday, August 1, 2009

Half a century boogeyman called ETA

MADRID - Police in Spain is in the regime of increased readiness, after two terrorist attacks, which is less than 48 hours performed Basque separatist organization ETA. Airports and ports in Mallorca, one of the most important summer in Spain closed the chase for the terrorists, and this decision caused the Spanish government makes a mess of tourists, who came to the island or trying to return home.

Bloody fijesta

On Thursday, two officers killed in the civil protection Mallorca, in the town of PALMAN, when the car-bomb exploded in front of their headquarters. The day before a car-bomb exploded in front of the police station in Burgos. In this attack the injured 50 people, but, luckily, was not killed. Attacks are considered as the Spanish authorities, intentionally organized to be "celebrated" fiftieth anniversary of ETA. Unfortunately Spaniard, anniversary of ETA is always in the summer, when the police, because the tourist season, najopterećenija. ETA is or, for 50 years of existence, in their campaign for independence of Basque Country, northern province of Spain, killed about 820 people, spread Bi-Bi-Si.
Carlos Garcia and Diego Lesaun, two members of civil protection, which were killed on Thursday, sitting in the patrol car parked in front of their station, when the explosive device detonirana, told the authorities. Since the explosion injured several passers, but one thing, they add. Police later found and neutralized, other explosives, which was planted under the second vehicle of civil protection. Although ETA has not officially taken responsibility for the attacks, Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero has said that they have "all the characteristics of ETA."

Anger authorities

- Condemns this new low kick with a lot of fury and pain, but with much determination. These criminal attacks come at a time when the civil protection and national police, with French security forces, terrorists hit žešće than ever - said Zapatero Addressing the nation over television, adding that the police arrest ETA members in a growing number, and that will be and in the future. - They have no chance to hide. I can not escape. I can not escape justice. Will be arrested. Will be convicted. Provešće the rest of life in prison.
Bombing terrorists come after the Spanish government assurances that the "ETA ready" and that the question of time when they will stop there, as gruesome evidence that is not so hard to Madrid, transferred Bi-Bi-Si.

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