Saturday, August 1, 2009

Russian tajkun the flea market, Putin and Chinese

Closing Buvlja market in Moscow, which is selling illegally imported goods mainly of poor quality, nearly lead to the international scandal between Russia and China. From Pekinga is urgently in Moscow doleteo Deputy Minister of Trade of China. Though it is not disputed that it is a švercovanoj goods, it is crucial for the fact that, of about a hundred thousand people whose fate was linked to the huge work, Čerkizovske market, the largest of its kind in the world, the majority (about 70,000) consisted of Chinese.

Moscow City fathers made the decision to close the market suddenly, almost overnight. First, the controls that are moved in a few days found that the market hotbed of infection, to a huge number of people there live in extremely unhygienic conditions, to 150 for the illegal exchange, and the nearby Bank of washing the money, that almost all goods are sold švercovana .. . and then the mayor, Yuri Luškov commanded, first, that the market is temporarily closed, and then permanently.

Officially, the reason he came to control in general, was the fact that the territory of about 200 hectares on the market, but the years, belonged to the Faculty of Physical Education and that he had no right to the issue. But that for which it was not new, as they are only naive could believe that the authorities did not know anything about the origin of goods that are sold there. On the contrary, there were criminal charges, criminal proceedings are moving, and since 2004. was brought a few decisions about the closing. But all this is after a time any zaboravljano. People are joking that "Čerkizion" (hint to the origin of Chinese goods) state in the country, and its master, Azerbaijani Telman Ismailov - untouchable.

With the billions that is due to this and other similar markets, and it was hard not to "neutralization" all legal obstacles. After the closing of the market went out that he was still the nineties "appropriate people" poklanjao the rare domestic automobile production, and now "poršee and money for the election campaign. It is claimed that the budget "Čerkizona" there, and items to support the judiciary organs, "of about two million dollars per month. Milica Ismailov is supported and banalniji way - all that remained without a job, they could get it to him. Therefore, the "Čerkizon" was the best kept market in the world with more than three and a half thousand employees in the security.

Customs officials now talk to no one dare to stop trucks that they drive the goods Ismail - the pilot, before the documents show, a phone call is coming and immediately order the truck failures. A waiter after that had more to write humiliating explanations. Not without significance was the fact that neither knew that the friend Ismailov Moscow Mayor Yuri Luškov.

Of course, the billionaire "forbs" list not only of the living. Obogativši in the trade, Ismailov is moved to the larger projects - now builds hotels, buildings, even entire cities. And, although believes that "money likes silence, and the effort that the less sticking eyes media, fails to hide his ekstravagantnost - gold travel by plane, and his birthday is Jennifer Lopez. Turkey has recently opened hotel and superluksuzni by party as Russians say, with razmahom "- the guests were his Monika Beluči, Richard Gir, Šeron Stone, Paris Hilton, the Russian stars of many jet-set, and, of course, a friend of Yuri Luškov. If you believe the yellow press, after dinner, and fireworks is not seen as "even Moscow on the day of victory," the ladies in the morning, with breakfast, waited one rose and - diamonds. In any case, luxury is not lack.

And only a few days after that, at a session of the Russian government, Putin asked Prime Minister - what was with the start of the last year ... It was said before the TV cameras. What is and where Putin said after that, I do not know, but that story was about how to behave poorly is throw money even when it is freezing the construction of Moscow ... In any case, the officers zealously požurili the "Čerkizon to check all which were not. Neither friendship with this times Luškovim not help - go to Moscow dumu elections, and Luškov intends to lead the list of "Single Russia". And when is so smart is not objectionable to the President of the party.

Thus the column of trucks moved with Čerkizona "trying to fit in any other market, but only those who are able to prove that their goods and to pay all that it should pay. Far more, 6,000 containers in the value of five billion dollars of goods by you, no one came. Ismailov is your business organized so that none of the above does not take to it - šverc the criminal act and it is better to lose a lot of goods but also goods and freedom. Therefore, the Moscow authorities decided to destroy all.

We will not say anything new if we say that the guild paid mostly poor, who are the goods sold standing by 12 hours and stand by the sun and the snow, lived in the containers and toilet cabins, and to receive pay poorly. Stradaće and buyers who succeeded to find him all that were not able to pay the expensive shops of Moscow, as well as the whole range of small manufacturers from ten countries.

They tried to umilostive government protests in front of markets, on the Red square and other places. But in vain. Therefore, in Moscow, the deputy minister of commerce of China. The aim was to protect his fellow countryman who have not only lost their goods and money, but also jobs. Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov said that "the interests of sellers čerkizovske market to be protected."

After a long, sometimes mučnih negotiations, it was decided to create a new modern market, probably in the vicinity of Moscow, for Chinese money. China is ready to to make a billion dollars.

A Telman Ismailov did not occur. It is, say, Cup Antalya, on the Black Sea, Turkey submitted a request for citizenship.

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