Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Slovenia, the biggest price increases in fuel this year

Since this morning the motor fuel in Slovenia poskupelo most of the beginning of this year - and gasoline Eurosuper eurosupe plus poskupeli of 4.1 percent per liter, diesel to 3.6 percent, and fuel oil to 5.8 per cent per liter.

Price most prodavanog BEZOLOVNOG europsuper gasoline is higher for 4.7 cents per liter and now amounts to 1.146 euro, which is the highest since July last year. Diesel fuel is poskupelo to 3.8 cents per liter and this morning cost 1.050 euro, and fuel oil for 3.5 cents per liter and costs 0.605 euro.

News about the fuel price increases coincided with the announcement that in Slovenia for about a month to start research of oil and natural gas in its history.

Slovenian television stations were announced last night that the mixed Canadian-European companies Petrol korporejšn from London to start a big opinion poll on the 200 square kilometers in the Slovenian Prekomurju, where 20 years ago Dutch experts pointed to the existence of crude oil and natural gas.

Research should cost around 20 million euros, and the results published the following year.

News about this project is not passed any of the Slovene print media.

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